1500 troops send to maxican border, Biden orders

In anticipation of the repeal of Title 42, the public health measure that has permitted authorities to turn away millions of asylum claimants, President Biden will send 1,500 US military to the US-Mexico border. When Title 42 expires on May 11, the active-duty Army units will concentrate on data entry, warehouse support, and other administrative tasks so Border Patrol agents can focus their resources on containing the anticipated tide of tens of thousands of migrants at the US-Mexico border. Fox News was the first to report on the deployment.
The military personnel would be armed, but they would only be allowed to use them for self-defense.
The Pentagon rarely sends active-duty personnel on domestic missions, but on Thursday, Biden signed an executive order authorising the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security to send Coast Guard, military, and reserve personnel to combat “international drug trafficking.”

In order to “address the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by international drug trafficking,” Vice President Biden proclaimed a national emergency on December 15, 2021.
DHS asked the Defense Department to send troops to help at the Southern border after Biden gave the order last week.

Migrants waiting for asylem

The Border Patrol has identified tens of thousands of migrants over the past few days.
The Post reported last week that 40,000 immigrants planning to apply for asylum in the US are collected in Juarez, Mexico, ready to cross into El Paso, Texas, when the program expires.

Border chief says

According to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, in the three days prior, officers had apprehended 22,220 people, including two sex offenders, one killer who had been convicted, and one member of a gang.
In October 2018, the Trump administration sent over 5,000 soldiers on active duty to the southern border to stave off a caravan of at least 3,500 Central American migrants heading north.
According to the New York Times, Stephen Miller, a top adviser to Trump, pushed the Department of Homeland Security to seal ports of entry into the US with as many as 250,000 soldiers in spring 2020. Despite criticizing the immigration policies of his predecessor, Biden has kept thousands of troops stationed at the southern border.

Zero tolerance policy

In February 2021, the president signed executive orders ending the “zero tolerance” approach to prosecuting anyone who cross the border illegally and reuniting parents and children of migrants who have been imprisoned at the border.
The Biden administration unveiled a new program this week, under which aspiring immigrants will be instructed to head to processing facilities in Guatemala and Colombia in order to be prescreened and maybe granted entry into the US as they wait for decisions on their claims of being persecuted in their home countries.

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