A nonfiction story of the woman who killed 600 men

A nonfiction story of the woman who kills 600 men

In the history of this world, We will hear many such stories and incidents which will shock you and will leave a mark on your memories. Today’s story goes back to the 16th century and it is about a lady who poisoned 600 men why she did do this act has a hidden story.

Her name was Giulia Tofana and she belongs to Italy. Giulia’s mother was a makeup artist and she learn a lot from her mom at an early age. Her father was very rude to her mom and they both had a very disturbed married life, her father was a spoiled man and used to forcefully take all the earnings of his wife. In 1633 Giulia’s mom decided to kill her husband and give him poison, later on, she was sentenced to death by the authorities that time.

After her parents passed away Giulia went to another city called Rome in Italy and started a new life, she started the business of cosmetics because she was an expert in cosmetics items and makeup.
With the passage of time she now had an established business, also she married her friend and had a baby girl.

The deprivation of basic rights

This was the time when European countries did not provide basic human rights to ladies and men were not questioned if they were rude or even brutal to their wives. As Giulia had her past in mind she was very depressed with the condition that ladies were facing and thus decided something abnormal.
She invented a poison of her own and only four drops of that poison were enough to kill a person, the poison was named AQUA TOFANA

A nonfiction story of the woman who killed 600 men

Giulia started to sell this poison to women,s who were facing torture from their husbands however she never sold this poison personally, she took the services of her daughter and her friends to sell it off.
Aqua Tofana was a tasteless poison and had no smell either but the most significant factor of this poison was that it was not catchable even in the postmortem of the Dead.

Thus assuring that she won’t be caught by the authorities. In 1640 ladies were purchasing this poison at any cost and She was earning a lot from this deadliest poison and also continue her cosmetic business for her safety and to dodge the authorities.

The way she got arrested

In 1650 a lady bought Aqua Tofana (poison) to kill her husband and after pouring four drops of poison into a homemade soap she served it to her husband.
When her husband was about to drink it she changed her mind and threw the cup of soap on the floor and informed her husband about the poison.

He straight away informed the authorities that the gang was arrested in a matter of days. At the beginning of the investigation, Giulia denied all the acquisitions but later on, she admitted to her crime, during the investigation, she shocked the whole world by saying that at least 600 men or people were killed because of this poison.

This was the first case in the history of the world that caused the death of 600 people and the main reason was the poison invented by Giulia. Finally, in 1650 she was sentenced to death.

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