As Tokyo’s Paralympics comes to the close quarters, has abruptly switched attention to Paris 2024, France is seeking out a proposal to the so-called “British Model” that has revivified Games fulfillment.

San Marino has become the smallest country in Olympics history to win a medal in any sport

According to the American news agency CNN, Alessandra Perilli of San Marino shooter has become the hero of this small country by winning a bronze medal in shooting in Olympics history.
San Marino is a European country with a population of only 34,000, surrounded by Italy.
After winning the medal, the San Marino fan account tweeted that she has become a legend forever by winning a medal in shooting in Olympics history.

Alessandra Perilli win first medal in olympics history

In this competition, Slovakian shooter Zuzana Rehak won the gold medal with 43 out of 50 accurate goals. Kyle Browning of the United States won the silver medal.
In 2012, Alessandra Perelli became the first San Marino athlete to finish fourth in the Olympic Games event.
“When the fifth shooter went to the final, I thought I wasn’t going to be in fourth place anymore, so I had to do something,” Alessandra Perelli told reporters.

“This is my and my country’s first Olympic medal,” she said after the awards ceremony. We are a small country but very proud. I am sure that the people of my country will be very excited.

Alessandra Perelli, 33, began shooting in 2001 when her father introduced her to the sport. Alessandra Perelli’s sister Ariana Pereli is also a shooter. She represented both Italy and San Marino at the 2017 European Championships in Azerbaijan.

San Marino first competed in the 1960 Summer Games in Rome.

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