Angelina Jolie and The weeknd bond stuns viewers

Angelina Jolie “The Oscar winning actress” and The Weeknd “Grammy winner singer ” at the close proximity of intimacy

Angelina Jolie “The Oscar-winning actress” and The Weeknd’s viral photos leave fans guessing

 Is the entertainment world on the way to observe a new charming couple or is it a skeptical view by the fans and viewers?

Angelina Jolie “The Oscar-winning actress” and The Weeknd at the close proximity of intimacy

If this guess turned into a fact, it would be amazing news for the world. Fans will definitely hope for a serious relationship and they will not wish to see them as an obnoxious couple.

Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie and American rapper The Weeknd have known each other for some time.

Jolie and The Weeknd were spotted outside the celebrity hotspot Giorgio Baldi on Wednesday night. when both were on a friendly outing in Los Angeles. This set rostrum for the fans and viewers, as they all started guessing. In fact, it’s interesting news which has kept many nonplussed.

The Oscar-winning actress and the Grammy winner singer reportedly share proximity to Ethiopia. The Weeknd previous announced,

“As there is agitation between the government and the Tigray region due to which he had contracted with the World Food Program US and was donating $1 million to relief efforts in Ethiopia” Hence both

Many are aware of the fact that back In 2005, Jolie adopted her daughter Zahara (who is 16 now) from Ethiopia and has since initiated The Zahara Program, which assists girls in the East African country. Verily, it’s a laudable step ever and something like this much be appreciated.

The Weeknd is obviously not less than Angelina Jolie and he has also launched his acting career with a role in Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems. As per the above-mentioned situation, it seems like the two might have met up for business reasons and nothing else. Still, no one is obvious about the reality. Time will unconcealed the hidden truths.

Both have spent hours at the high-end Italian restaurant, which led folks into speculations and they started constructing castles in the air.

Angelina Jolie “The Oscar-winning actress” and The Weeknd have not retorted to the tittle-tattles about their ‘romantic’ night out in Los Angeles. But, fans have started guessing about their relationship.

Soon this is going to be finalized, as both will not be able to keep it secret till long due to consistent pressure from the fans.


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