Australia to establish bubble travel with singapore

Australia to establish a travel bubble with Singapore

Australia to establish a travel bubble with Singapore. The details of the plan will be disclosed in the coming week. This was announced by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. In this way, Singapore will be the second corridor for Australia to travel. Singapore borders are closed for all foreigners since the start of the pandemic.

Currently, Singapore allows New Zealanders to visit freely. The deal between Australia and Singapore aims to reopen traveling next week. Initially, Australia will allow only vaccinated citizens, permanent residents, and their families to enter Australia without needing any quarantine. In the next step, visa holders will be provided relaxation to enter the country without quarantine. Finally, tourists will visit freely.

From November 1 Australians can visit freely. This will end the strict travel ban in Australia. All the quarantine will be scraped for Australian visitors and the country has decided to remove hurdles from all the borders. The main aim of the travel bubble is to open borders to Singapore as quickly as possible. This will benefit all those having Australian work and study visas.

Australia to establish bubble travel with singapore

Singapore welcomes Australian invitation

The Australian Prime Minister said that the negotiation between Australia and Singapore is in its final phase with the Singaporean officials. On the other hand, Singapore’s Prime Minister welcomed the invitation of Australia. He said: “Singapore and Australia have robust economic and investment links, and warm people-to-people ties”. Many Australians live in Singapore and vice versa. He further added that both countries are looking forward to having close connectivity with each other.

Recently both countries have achieved a high rate of vaccinated population. 84% of the Singapore population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The Australian population is almost 70%  fully vaccinated after the country announces to follow the “living with virus” strategy. Australia celebrates the end of lockdown on Friday after the reopening of the last state, Melbourne.

Singapore, which is the major hub for aviation, has decided to expand its quarantine-free travel lanes to many countries. Visitors fully vaccinated from Canada, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherland, Spain, the United States, and Britain can freely visit Singapore without any quarantine. Visitors from Germany, South Korea, and Brunei are already free to enter the country with no need for quarantine.

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