Biden's optimistic approach of withdrawal US troops turns nightmare

Biden’s decision of withdrawal US troops brings up nightmare

Afghan is still a prominent event around the world

The Taliban’s control of power in Afghanistan. Following the decision to withdraw US forces from the country, is still the most prominent event on which British newspapers focus. The Independent Online newspaper published an analytical article by its correspondent in the United States, Andrew Buncombe, entitled “The day Joe Biden’s pledge to end America’s longest war turned into a fatal defeat. However, when Biden confirmed his plan to move forward with withdrawing those forces. He said it would be a respectable and considered departure. He added It is fair to say that America’s departure from Afghanistan was not responsible, deliberate, or safe,”

According to BBC News, One of the pieces of intelligence that the United States and Britain got correctly was the threat posed by an extremist group, the Islamic State in Khorasan. Hence an issuance of late warning on Wednesday evening to stay away from the airport. In this regard, he notes, “ISIS hates the Taliban, and so in the latest development of realpolitik. American leaders in Kabul are cooperating with the Taliban to counter the threat of ISIS. The losses that occur among many American soldiers abroad are what push towards a change of policy.

So far, the evacuation process

A report that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken proudly points to the 82,000 evacuees since the Taliban seized power. But these are not the things people remember. They remember images of chaos and panic. Afghans falling from the wheels of American planes smoke rising in the wake of Terrorist attack at an airport. There will now be pressure to extend the deadline for evacuations beyond August 31. There may also be calls for more US troops, which may make sense when viewed from Washington, DC. But is a move likely to antagonize the Taliban? So can Biden now step forward, admit he was wrong, admit things didn’t go as planned and make sure he fixes it? If so, now is the time to act.”

The reckless decision of Biden

Abandoning Afghanistan entirely would be a grave mistake. This is a disaster created by Biden’s reckless decision to withdraw, exacerbated by Afghan Prime Minister Ashraf Ghani’s decision to flee the country in haste. It will only get worse if a concerted effort is not made to address its consequences. In recent days, we have seen old political opponents sitting across from each other in Kabul. This should have happened much earlier. It is critical that these negotiations are not just about power-sharing, but that the interests of the Afghan people are at their core.

Taliban freedom space for human rights

The Taliban “made some encouraging statements about human rights, freedom of movement for women, and girls’ education. This must now be translated into constitutional commitments that preserve the gains of the past two decades. The Taliban must decide whether they want to rule through fear and intimidation or give Afghans a quota.” In the future” Before the Taliban took over, Afghanistan was the poorest country in Asia in terms of per capita income. The billions pumped into it over the past 20 years have been used primarily to fund the war effort. It hasn’t helped ordinary Afghans, many of whom have fallen into poverty in recent years. Last”.

By the underlying assumptions of anaylatical view

Some of the experts consider that the movement must realize “that this situation is unsustainable. They will not be able to govern a country with starving people, a collapsing economy, and no foreign investment in it. The international community must face the risks of this as well. The UN Security Council must appoint a special envoy to immediately address the humanitarian crisis. Governments must mobilize the necessary resources to support this effort. We have seen the tragic consequences of inaction in these times, in Yemen and elsewhere.”

The expectancy of contructives initiations from Taliban

Additionally, that “the Taliban realize that they have inherited a country devastated by four decades of war and cannot attract the resources to rebuild. They also know that Afghanistan is not what it was 20 years ago. Now they have to deal with a growing number of young people who did not know Taliban rule before. Women’s empowerment, and the social fabric transformed by digital connectivity and access to the outside world. Some analytical evaluations conclude that the international community, which has a vested interest in preventing a terrorist haven from destabilizing a region with three nuclear powers. Should take advantage of the Taliban’s need for recognition and persuade them to adopt a more appropriate stance.


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