Biography of Selene Gomez

Born in July 1992 to former actress Amanda Dawn and her Mexican husband Ricardo Joe in Grand Prade city of Texas, her mother was just 16 when she give birth to Gomez, January 1990 her parents separated and her grandparents played a vital role in her upbringing.

Selena saying about her mom

” My mom had me when she was 16 and she work for jobs and completely dedicated her life into making my better, so to me she is the definition of a strong woman and I love her so much because she taught me those values”.

Harsh childhood

December 1997 Selena had a harsh childhood after her parents separated, Selena and her 21 year old Mother struggle to survive almost of poverty. Her mother was an actress and watching her mom she choose a career in acting and soon she was attending try out.

First break

January 2002 seeing got the first break with Ashok burning and friend where she choose to play a character of Gianna, and this show continued till 2004. January 2007 Selena got a big break through with Disney, she got a role on “Hannan Montana” and also filmed Pilots for 2 other Disney shows ,She later auditioned for “lizard of Waverly Place” and got the lead role Selina accompanied by her mother move to Los Angeles for the job.

First song

Gomez sang the lead song for the show visit of Waverly Place “everything is not what it seems”. In 2008 the 16 year old Selena Gomez signed with Hollywood records and started her first band, there 2009 debut Studio album topped the charts when it was released, this journey continue for many years and her last album was released in 2014.


In 2010 She launched her first fashion line “dream out land”, the collection consisted and featured Bohemian style apparel which were made from recycled or eco friendly material, she had several other ventures including a perfume line, make up line, handbag line, and many more.
In December 2010 beside her fame and busy schedule she manage to complete her study by the help of home tutor and got the degree in higher education.

Complicated relationships

When it comes to relationships the first name comes into mind is Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had a highly publicized and highly discussed relationship, both had a long on and of relationship which finally ended in 2018


Selena also is renowned actress and as mentioned previously she was involved in various activities throughout her life, how can she had not made the name for herself in acting. Selena played the character of Mavis in the animated movie franchise “Hotel transelvana”, the young and beautiful girl also short her skills in successful movies such as “spring breakers, “The fundamentals of caring” and “Behaving badly

Solo albums

July 2013 Selena launched her first solo album the well received “stars of dance” and released a another to solo albums as a solo artist Revival in 2015 and rare in 2020 all the albums labeled on the top billboard charts, she has had more than 7 top 10 singles and has Sold more than 7 million albums worldwide.

Health Issues

Celena has been public about her health struggles, she suffered from lupus for several years and dealt will depression and anxiety further she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Welfare activities

As we all know people who have a good Fame and fan following they are involved in various activities whose purpose is to help humans, similar is the case here Selena has been involved with organizations and campaigns like “do something organization”, “Island dog”, “Raise for Congo” ,Friends for change and many more.

Actor to singer to producer

Gomez was also a producer, She produced the popular “13 reasons why” which was welcome and liked by the audience released as a mystery series thriller. Her production company is called July moon production.

Most famous celebrity

Known for her large social media following and had held the title of the most followed women on Instagram for about 3 years, in April 2021 she had and amazing following of more than 350 million fan base having 221 million following on Instagram alone.
Still going till date with no looking back we wish her many success in years to come.

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