Stress and anxiety

“Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency leads to stress and anxiety”

Do Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency leads to stress and anxiety?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency deal has made many users overstressed. A user being in close contact with this online platform fell into perturbation.

One, being part of an online earning platform observes widely in society. People consider him an agile human as a result of his useful skills. Almost every second human has got a smartphone and some of them have advanced laptops. The use of the internet is a common thing in this post-modern world.

But in the light of the above-mentioned words, still, there are very few in the number who know the perfect use of such sources.
“The use of a tool or object matters a lot than the object itself” Many have smartphones and the internet but few know “the art of utilization“.

The pros and cons of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


Apart from the advantages, there are some disadvantages too. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have a bad impact on mental health. Due to frequent changes in this field, one can easily fall into a state of anxiety and depression. From a psychological perspective, if one is involved 24 hours a day in price checking, encourages dysfunctional behaviors. Such behaviors lead to insomnia and pave the path to many health diseases. Keeping the frequent fluctuations in view, we can say that even veteran users do not like this much flexibility. it’s obvious that this industry has claimed its role in mental health disorders.

Psychologists with their viewpoints on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and its impact on human nature

The above-mentioned words are based on systematic research done by the psychotherapist Patty Fiore. she is skillful in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in order to treat trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

According to psychotherapists, when the prices of these currencies fall, users experience anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

This trade-in fact resembles gambling. As the frequent ups and downs create either ecstatic joy or depression. In agreed to earn more, one falls into excessive buying and selling which turns impossible to recover from the losses. Then it’s not possible to stop trading unless and until to recovers his normal position. This leads to mental trauma.

The research held after a young boy committed suicide. Alex Kearns (a 20-year-old Robin hood user) mistakenly believed that he lost £730,000.

Therefore, one needs to seek professional help. Seeking such professional help should be encouraged. Young boys who start online earning do not know that there will be ups and downs at this platform. Even a little loss becomes the cause of their death. Every online earning user needs to consult a professional therapist once a month.

Bitcoin and crypto, apart from having much fame in the field of earning, have put many into a dysfunctional state. Health should be prioritized. The world has made things brand instead of humans. Humans should know their own superiority and should use things in limits.

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