Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App, went to drug and sex clubs with his accused killer’s sister.

After a disagreement over her, Cash App creator Bob Lee is accused of frequenting underground sex and drug parties for San Francisco’s elite with the sister of his claimed killer.According to the Wall Street Journal, Lee’s death was initially thought to be the result of random violence in a city where crime is on the rise, but his friends later suggested it was actually the result of the Cash App founder’s opulent lifestyle among the upper class of Bay Area society, where cocaine and swingers were common. Lee, a 43-year-old father of two, and Khazar Momeni, the sister of Nima Momeni and the wife of a well-known plastic surgeon, are said to have relished the city’s underground party scene, dubbed “The Lifestyle” in affluent circles.


People who were familiar with the group reported that Khazar, 37, and Lee were sharing a bed. Many people worried that Khazar had developed a risky lifestyle by associating with the wrong people. Prosecutors said Nima confronted Lee about the heavy drinking and his sister’s participation in the altercation that broke out in the early hours of April 4 and resulted in Lee being stabbed numerous times.

Report says

According to reports, Lee staggered around pleading for assistance before passing out close to the Bay Bridge, only 16 minutes from Khazar’s flat.
An acquaintance claims that Lee was enthusiastic about his work creating the well-known Venmo rival after leaving his position as a Google worker. But in his free time, Lee allegedly engaged in light drug usage and partying, consuming cocaine and ketamine while visiting raves all around the world, according to his acquaintances. According to Harper Reed, CEO of General Calacic Corporation, they both once chose to remove their trousers in order to enter one such gathering. The parties, according to Devon Meyers, another buddy of Lee’s, seemed to be a way for the IT programmer to relax and network with other influential people. Devon noted that “The Lifestyle” events had stringent regulations that would expel anyone who was acting too “drunk and handsy.In addition to using drugs occasionally, Lee, who was divorced from his wife, is also accused of having sex with several other women during the gatherings, including Khazar.According to the reports, if Lee was the light of the party, his pal Nima, 38, was the wet blanket who frequently sulked in the corner. Prosecutors claim that on April 3, while both men were at a home party, Nima confronted Lee and asked if he and his sister were “doing drugs or anything inappropriate.”

Autopsy report os chief medical officer

In his system at the time of his death, Lee had cocaine and ketamine, according to an autopsy report from the San Francisco Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. In order to check on Lee, Khazar texted him around the time of his murder, according to court records.I know Nima hit you quite hard, so I just wanted to make sure you’re ok, she wrote.”And I want to thank you for handling it with such class. I adore you selfish jerks.
Lee’s ex-wife, Krista Lee, denied that her ex-husband was a “party boy” and that she had never heard of the phrase “The Lifestyle.” He was a devoted parent. He was older than that, she told the news organisation. On April 13, Nima was taken into custody and charged with murder. He could spend up to 26 years in jail if found guilty. He plans to enter a not guilty plea, according to his attorney Paula Canny.


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