Ben Affleck and Jennifer will soon get hitched

Ben Affleck is marching ahead to authenticate tie with his doxy ‘Jennifer Lopez’. Ben is willing to drag this closeness to something lawful and everlasting. However, Jennifer was once engaged to Alex Rodriguez. Though their intimacy didn’t last long, now people are hoping for the betterment of this afresh tie.Continue Reading

Jennifer Lopez deleted the entire data of Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez made it obvious and public through her recent vivid tweets and posts on Instagram, that she deleted the entire data which was related to her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez. The couple was once in an intimate relationship, which didn’t last long. However, Jennifer is currently dating Ben Affleck. FollowingContinue Reading

Coda ( ‘Child of Deaf Adults’) has just made a brazen entry to the entertainment world

An amazing melodrama has astonished viewers since its release. “Coda” is a short and amazing melodrama based on sensational events which touch one’s heart. The drama’s overall makeup is exquisite, including stage direction, script, dialogues, characters, and plot. Coda ( ‘Child of Deaf Adults’) has just made a brazen entryContinue Reading

Jamie Spears is willing to step down as Britneys guardian

Jamie spears is willing to step down as Britney’s guardian. All this happened after Britney spears took the conservatorship matter to the court. Hence, After a long time period, the court is about to execute the issue. Sources declared, that Britney is about to win the case as she isContinue Reading

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

A new tie-in has hit the entertainment world as Friends series’ protagonists and leading actors Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have strengthened their intimacy as the couple has started meeting each other. Following the Friends reunion, both have acknowledged their deep affection for each other. The prominent duo has allegedlyContinue Reading

Ben Affleck gift to Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was surprised by a love gift from Ben Affleck. After a withering relationship with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez has rekindled her relationship with Ben Affleck since April this year. Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were once in a junction with each other from 2002 to 2004. RegardlessContinue Reading