Corona virus Delta variant in Sydney

Coronavirus: Sydney is under mounting pressure due to the Delta variant

Because of the Delta variant, Sydney witnessed the last 24 hours more panic as the country is going through severe coronavirus infections. One of the states Victoria will implement a one-week lockdown as Australia thinks to resist the Delta variant. As the afresh variant flared up, folks fell into a severe panic.

Sydney, Australia’s largest city has reported five deaths and 262 infections in the last 24 hours. Due to the Delta variant, the country might extend its nine-week lockdown.

Sydney hit hard by Corona virus Delta variant

Victoria state Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters in Melbourne, that it’s not a personal recommendation. To implement lockdown is obligatory. It’s for the best of the nation and dwellers. Only such precautions can drop down the infected cases.

Economic impact of Corona virus (Delta Variant) in Australia

Three big cities including_ Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane will experience a strict lockdown. As economists think this will give a huge blow to the country’s economy. Australia may face an economic downturn of $1.5 trillion following this lockdown.

In the past two days, Brisbane reported 16 cases of COVID-19 due to Delta variant, in spite of a lockdown. The country has decided to execute lockdown in The Hunter region in New South Wales from Thursday, as the region has observed six new cases.

As per reports, the virus in the Hunter region was laid out following a beach party. People across cities had gathered near Newcastle which infringed the country’s law.

According to the South Wales chief, “Our primary focus is to figure out the reasons behind New castle’s cases. We will probe out that how the virus spread over there”

Australia observed 35,200 COVID-19 cases and 900+ deaths, yet its vaccination ratio is only 20%. This figure is considering the lowest among countries.

Following deaths, the state disclosed that by not following the state’s words and rejecting vaccine inoculation, cases are getting high. Four out of five died, who were unvaccinated.

Veterans believe the country to implement smart lockdown until they vaccinate a large number of people. But on the other hand, some Poors cannot handle a stretch lockdown due to a balanced livelihood. The execution of a strict lockdown will destroy poor’s lives. As they are not able to cope with poverty and they need to go outside to earn some money.

The state doesn’t have another alternative, but let’s see what is going to happen next.

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