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Frequently Asked Questions About Prize Bond 40,000 Peshawar,10 August 2021

Denomination of 40,000 is legal or illegal?

What is the procedure of Prize Bonds draw? Is the process of drawing fair and transparent? Answer: Prize bond draw is held by a committee constituted by CDNS and open to the general public. Winning prize bonds are drawn through a Hand-operated draw machine, which is operated by special children in front of committee members and the general public attending the draw ceremony. Numbers announced twice from right to left and then left to right. Draw process is fair which reflects the increasing trend of sales as solid proof.

Here are the particulars

What are the guidelines for application forms of all denominations of prize bonds? Answer: The claim for the prize money declared on the winning prize bond can be filed in any field office on the prescribed claim form, which is available free of cost. A properly filled form can be submitted with a photocopy of NIC and the signature of the applicant along with the winning prize bond. What are the common objections raised to the prize money claim? Answer: Complete the form correctly in all respects i.e. bond number, name, date of lottery and date of purchase, etc.

How does it conduct?

Why can’t the authenticity of prize bonds be checked in the field office? Answer: Bonds are first checked in the field offices by the counter staff who trained with the PSPC and in case of doubt sent to the PSPC. However, prize-winning bonds of Rs 1 lakh and above are required to be sent to KPSPC as it involves huge prize money. Why are the fee value and prize money of bad prize bonds given separately? Answer: The fee against defective prize bonds is paid after passing the value to the authorized officer while the prize money is paid as usual. Should we claim the prize money in our own name or sell it to a broker? Answer: Sale/purchase of prize bonds including prize-winning prize bonds and others that are not suitable for government authorized offices.

Why is the release date important for any prize money claim? Answer: Only those prize bonds are eligible for the prize money, which was purchased two months before the draw. Is the reward bond deposited with the application for the prize money returned to the claimant? Answer: Prize bond winning prizes less than Rs. 10,000 / – are refunded, Rs. 10,000 / – and above are maintained and their value is paid to the claimant.

National Savings Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond full #18 draw result list 10 September 2021 Peshawar


You can search online for Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond Peshawar 10.09.2021 Online by The National Savings Prize Bond Rs. 40,0000 will be held on September 10, 2021, in Peshawar and the full details of the lottery will be displayed on September 10, 2021, in the 40,000 Premium Prize Bond category.

Therefore for all 40000 Premium Prize Bond Lottery Result Schedule Papers and other Prize Bond Information. Keep visiting is a global publishing website. It covers all types of prize bonds around the world. Stay tuned for the upcoming 40,000 premium which is going to be held on September 10, 2021, in Peshawar.

The Most Important figures of The Game 40,000 Peshawar 10.9.2021

( This will make Akra, Pc or Tandola

12 Important Akras


Top 3 figures to Make 1st Tandola: (821.

Gift Akra: (82) 829.8290.8298.8299)(221)(2211.2212.2218)(621.6211.6218)

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