One of the best characters of "Friends" James Michael Tyler passed away. James known by his fictional name 'Gunther' died of prostate cancer.

Friends’ character James Tyler bites the dust at the age of 59

One of the best characters of “Friends” James Michael Tyler passed away. James known by his fictional name ‘Gunther’ died of prostate cancer. This Sunday, his manager clarified. At the age of 59, James left the world and left his fellows and fans with tragic grief.

James’ was diagnosed in September 2018. Thus till this Sunday, he was under careful consideration. Unluckily, he didn’t resist the lethal disease and bit the dust. Interestingly, he did such a humanistic work before departing this life. He ran a campaign for individuals with prostate cancer. Spread an awareness that gets a blood test as soon as possible.

Apart from acting, James was a musician, activist and a loving husband. According to his friends, he was an outstanding and cherishing man. His love for music was beyond the normal. Most important, he was a man who loved to take an unplanned adventure. Besides, once one met with him, he/she would fall in love with his loving nature.

Additionally, After his character as Gunther, he became a feast for the eyes. His role at the central park cafe and his love for Jennifer Aniston were beyond usual. In spite of that, Tyler’s acting is not just linked with Friends but it holds a long history. His skills dominated the world since 1992. He has made some outstanding series, for instance: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He has won many national and international awards.

Tyler’s words turned into a video in order to spread awareness. His love was not just for the industry but for the entire globe. Thus, a pure heart is embedded in one’s actions and that is what James has always done it. Departed us at the age of 59 and will always be missed. In fact, it such a huge loss for the world. Because, a man who works for humans, is a big loss for the world.

Mr. Tyler’s path to the show was fortuitous. While working as an actual barista at a real-life coffee shop, he was asked if he would be interested in being an extra on “Friends.” For the first season, his character was known as “Coffee Guy.”

“At the time I was also working as a barista for a place called the Bourgeois Pig, one of the last independent coffee houses in Los Angeles,” Mr. Tyler told The New York Times in 2012. In his second season, he got a line of dialogue: “Yeah,” he said, when Mr. Schwimmer’s character, Ross, asked him if his apartment had stairs.

Marta Kauffman and David Crane, the show’s co-creators, recalled the beginnings of Mr. Tyler’s run on the series.

“When he started as an extra on Friends, his unique spirit caught our eye and we knew we had to make him a character,” they said in a statement Sunday night. “He made Gunther’s unrequited love incredibly relatable.”

In the series finale, Gunther, known for his bleached locks, finally summoned the courage to confess his love to Rachel, who let him down warmly.

I love you, too,” Rachel told Gunther. “Probably not in the same way. But I do. And when I’m in a cafe having coffee, or I see a man with hair brighter than the sun, I’ll think of you.”

Born May 28, 1962, in Winona, Miss., Mr. Tyler was the youngest of five children, raised by a retired Air Force captain and a homemaker, according to a biography on IMDb. He moved to Anderson, S.C., to live with his sister at age 11 and enrolled at Clemson University as a geology major. He earned a master’s of fine arts from the University of Georgia and moved to Los Angeles after a brief stint of selling cars in Olympia, Wash., according to the bio.

“Michael loved live music, cheering on his Clemson Tigers, and would often find himself in fun and unplanned adventures,” Ms. Benson said in a statement. “If you met him once you made a friend for life.”