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Google’s new releases disappointed its pro customers

Google’s next-gen Pixel 7 smartphones are expected to incorporate significant upgrades over the current models but, sadly, there’s one key element that isn’t likely to change.

We already know, thanks to Google accidentally leaking its own details, that the Pixel 7 range will likely incorporate a new and improved ‘GS201’ processor, however, the same level of improvement isn’t likely to be coming to the cameras – at least in terms of their core hardware specifications. This will come as a blow to those hoping for a Pixel 7 camera to rival the current state-of-the-art, especially in zoom capabilities.

According to leaker Yogesh Brar, the Pixel 7 range will “most likely” use the same optics as the Pixel 6, but with some possible ‘optimization’ of the image sensors. Any remaining improvements are expected to come instead from software updates.

Pixel 7 Design

If you’ve been following the development of the Pixel series, you’ll know that Google loves to deliver improved quality and new cutting-edge camera features with each launch. While some new features tend to trickle down to previous Pixel models, others remain exclusive to the newest releases due to hardware requirements. So, if Brar’s information turns out to be true it suggests that the GS201 could be packing some significant new features and/or performance improvements.

Google tends to take its time when it comes to upgrading camera hardware, only doing so when absolutely necessary. The Pixel 6 range marked the biggest main camera hardware upgrade in the history of the Pixel, so it should come as no surprise that the Pixel 7 will likely retain the 50-megapixel Isocell GN1 of its predecessor – or something very similar.

It would be nice to see something like the newer Isocell GN2 for a future Pixel smartphone, but this sensor is physically larger than the Isocell GN1 and would therefore require redesigned optics, something which Brar’s leak rules out.

The Pixel 6 Pro currently sits in eighth position in Domagk’s smartphone camera rankings, just two points shy of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro. However, the Pixel 7 will have its work cut out if it is to advance much further up the ranks without including a larger main image sensor and more-capable wide-angle or telephoto lenses.

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