How to improve expressions in writing

How to improve expressions in writing

How to improve expressions in writing? The laborious task while learning any language is writing. To put down flawless and correct expression is not a piece of cake. Verily, using eloquence becomes trouble-free, when one commences his journey of learning a language.

Much adroitness is required when the same individual confronts written language. One of the things which makes it difficult is its discipline, rules and regulations. One cannot get out of this designed framework: as one is allowed in spoken. However, the following are some of the steps through which one can master his written expressions.


Learning vocabulary gives us extra motivation and sets a path for us while writing anything. Words play a crucial role in languages and one cannot get hold of language unless and until he masters its useful words. Thus, vocabulary in context (usage of words and not just words) helps him in learning written expressions. The best possible ways for mastering modern vocabulary are: reading newspapers and books. The advantage of reading books and newspapers is that it gives one ready-made word (words in use).


Stressing grammar for spoken purposes seems foolish but for written it’s mandatory. One cannot write a fully correct paragraph without the knowledge of grammar. Thus, learning grammar and then its application is also obligatory. Learning some rules per week and then applying the same rules to your writing. This furnishes one’s writing and he/she can become the best writer. For grammar, it’s compulsory to have a veteran grammar teacher, who can check your daily writing and mend your mistakes.


This is a fact, that without rehearsal one cannot get anything or at least cannot master anything. To turn something your skill and to become master of that thing, one needs to do lots of practice. Hence, for written expression, one is required to write at least one paragraph per day. After some time, he/she will gain some good expressions. Learning vocabulary and grammar without its application won’t work. It is useless and it will have no positive outcome in writing. Though, it can benefit someone in spoken.


The aforementioned things can be put down in this category. Reading is one of the important things while learning a language. It gives you vocabulary, its usage, grammar, and structures too. Thus, no one can take it for granted. Moreover, Reading is to write as listening is to speak. To master written expressions, one has to pass through this step of reading.

Above are some of the steps through which one can master his/her writing expression. What do you think are some of the possible and useful ways while learning written expressions.

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