Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) removed Didi’s app from China’s app store

Didi chu xing expects a huge strike to their profits

Does CAC found Didi gathering user’s private data unlawfully?

Following the removal of one of the apps from Chinese app stores, the biggest ride-sharing company Didi chu xing has alerted that there will be a huge strike to their profits.

“The app unlawfully gathered user’s private data” added by China’s internet regulators, and directed the app stores to remove Didi’s app on Sunday.

“The company will strive to rectify any problems, improve its risk prevention awareness and technological capabilities, protect users’ privacy and data security, and continue to provide secure and convenient services to its users,” Didi said in a statement

CAC removed Didi's app from China's app store

The restrictions on the app do not suffer its users but will definitely restraint fresh users registering on China’s biggest platform.
On Sunday, the company said on its official social media account that it had already halted new user registrations as of July 3 and was now working to rectify its app in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The app was traced by the Cyberspace Administration of China based on some suspicious news that turned factual after analysis.

Further, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said: “After checks and verification, the Didi Chuxing app was found to be in serious violation of regulations in its collection and use of personal information”

In order to use data for autonomous driving technologies and traffic analysis, Didi collects numerous real-time data.

Furthermore, it was Didi’s US stock market debut and the company makes $68bn US.

It is yet unknown which updated version of Didi’s will be submitted to the store. Currently, the app will not register new users.

Keep in consideration that, Cyber Administration of China has warned several apps and will trace all suspicious apps one by one.

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