INFINITI QX55 Raises The Bar By Surpassing Automotive Standards

INFINITI QX55 Raises The Bar By Surpassing Automotive Standards

INFINITI QX55 Raises The Bar By Surpassing Automotive Standards. A unique blend of design, engineering, and power, the 2022 QX55 raises the bar by seamlessly bringing together inspired styling with a bold, powerful stance to make a difference by being different.

The INFINITI QX55 represents a rebirth of the crossover coupe segment by presenting a meticulous approach to comfort and a driver-centric innovation.

Discover how to live your best life in the QX55’s unique, asymmetrical cabin design that is crafted with comfort and luxury in mind. For long drives across the UAE, the cabin space is ideal, creating personal spaces as much for the driver as for the passengers. But even if you are a homeowner who needs to run errands over the weekends, the cargo space will prove to be more than ideal for your needs.

Do you have a big family and need to drive them to the airport? The cargo space, which with folded second-row seats makes for 54.1 cubic feet of cargo space, can fit around 18 large suitcases, so you will never need any additional space or cars for that drop-off.

Taking a modern approach to luxurious technology, the all-new QX55 crossover coupe is an inspiring four-wheeler that appreciates the value of keeping in touch with the world, the road, and you. It features the signature INFINITI InTouch that keeps you up to date, with dual touchscreens connected to your smartphone so you can sync your contact, media, and calendars. With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ are standard features of the new INFINITI QX55. While you drive, you can now enjoy the things you love on your device in a safer, smarter way — from accessing your music and maps to making important phone calls and sending and receiving messages — all seamlessly hands-free.

With iconic sound bursting out of the Bose speakers, the QX55 not only drives like a dream but sounds like one as well: experience music with depth and clarity like you never have before. But it’s sometimes what’s under the hood that captures our attention, and the QX55 more than delivers, with INFINTI’s innovative VC-Turbo engine paired with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive to give drivers an extremely versatile driving experience.

If excellence had a face, it would resemble the new INFINITI QX55. With a head-turning aesthetic, it returns to the soul of INFINITI — with a crossover coupe silhouette that pays homage to the iconic INFINITI FX.

The limited-edition double-arch grille that adorns the car is also inspired by the intricate folds of origami, and its sloping coupe-back design is perfectly highlighted by its eye-catching Digital Piano Key taillights.

The all-new INFINITI QX55 is exceptionally provocative, wisely well-equipped, and intelligently crafted for those who believe in doing things with passion – be it living or driving! It is about setting trends, breaking free from preconceived notions, and being yourself with an on-road companion that oozes luxury and class out and out. Experience the future of SUV innovation today at INFINTI of Arabian Automobiles across Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates.