Inrospection is hidden in ine thought

Introspection is hidden in one thought

Shakespeare is Shakespeare because of his Tragicomedy, Keats makes us worshippers of beauty; Virginia Woolf takes us to the unconscious mind of her characters; Eliot makes Prufrock “like a patient etherized upon a table”; Shelly gives us hope for spring and Milton counts the glories of God.

Yes, one would ask the question, why do we have such a variety in literature. However, One being a student of literature doesn’t have any definite answer for this question. It’s like people’s natural tendency for liking different sorts of foods.

There is always a man in a book, books are living things. Reading a book is like a conversation with its author; he takes you with himself and shows you his experiences about life. True introspection lies inside one’s writing.

Some books are rich with imagery and that creates pictures in your mind, you feel like you are sharing a journey with the author.
Some books are sensitive– their melancholic mood makes you cry. While Some books are sophistic in their nature they only tease you.

Hence, there are countless flavors of books, I can’t mention all of them but I would like to give you fine counseling. If we can’t taste all the flavors we must taste much of them. Without books, we live once but reading books bliss us with the experiences of others that is the most special flavor of books.


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