Jamie Spears is willing to step down as Britneys guardian

Jamie Spears is willing to step down as Britney’s guardian

Jamie spears is willing to step down as Britney’s guardian. All this happened after Britney spears took the conservatorship matter to the court. Hence, After a long time period, the court is about to execute the issue. Sources declared, that Britney is about to win the case as she is moving towards victory.

However, the final conclusion is yet pending before the court. Jamie spears is ready to quit at the right time. The court is trying to resolve the matter. The final victory seems to be on Britney’s side because Jamie is also in a position to step down as conservator.

Before making head or tail of the matter, the court should summon kinsmen to meet with and discuss the entire mess. Following relatives and Britney’s appeasement, the court will put forth the final decision.

Mathew Rosengart is Britney spears’ lawyer in solving the issue. Mathew added a statement, “we are happy by Jamie’s willing to step down. He himself confessed that he is about to quit as conservator”.

Jamie Spears is willing to step down as Britney's guardian

Britney’s Spears declared, “Jamie spears use some language and is trying to implement his self imposing ideas. The way he abuses and exploits my life is totally vague. The court should charge him and remove him from the legal agreement that has restraint my life for almost 13 years”.

Following 2008, Jamie has given the guardianship of protecting Britney’s spears. Britney was coping with her mental health when Jamie took charge as conservator. Since that day, Jamie shows himself as a cruel patriarchal man.

To sum up, the case is on the path to finalization. Soon, it’s going to happen as Jamie has no more energy to rove around the courts. He has decided to step down as a conservator.

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