Jemima Goldsmith determines donation to the Al-Khidmat foundation

Jemima Goldsmith determines donation to the Al-Khidmat foundation

PTI chief’s former wife was crowdsourcing names of charities working to help flood affectees in Pakistan. Jemima Goldsmith recommends Al-Khidmat Foundation for donations. Jemima Goldsmith, the former wife of Imran Khan, has recommended Jamaat-e-Islami’s Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan for donations to help the victims of floods in Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, Goldsmith shared the account details of the foundation.

“Alkhidmat is doing rescue and relief work in all of the flood-affected areas,” she tweeted.

“Alkhidmat is doing rescue and relief work in all flood-affected areas,” Khan wrote, urging followers to donate to the organization.

She also retweeted a tweet by the foundation in which the charity stated that it was doing rescue and relief work across flood-hit areas.

Jemima Goldsmith asked netizens to guide her on who to make donations.

“33 million in Pakistan affected by the devastating floods. 1000+ killed. 200K+ homes destroyed. Pakistan produces less than 1% of global carbon emissions. But it’s one of the top 10 countries most affected by the climate crisis,” she tweeted.

“Which is the best charity to donate to for on-the-ground support?” she asked in her tweet.

Jemima also shared account details of the Punjab and KP governments, asking followers to make donations to the said accounts.

Jemima’s inspirational remarks on Al-Khidmat foundation services

The former PM’s wife was then suggested by several netizens that Al-Khidmat Foundation was doing an amazing job through its volunteer network across Pakistan and must be helped.

In response, Jemima appealed to her followers to donate money to the organization. 

Internet users recommended the names of several charities to Khan. Al-Khidmat Foundation has earned a lot of goodwill in recent days after pictures and videos of its volunteers went viral while actually helping flood victims in some of the most difficult terrains.

In the past, volunteers of Hafiz Saeed’s party were often seen helping volunteer and rescue efforts but due to the ban on Saeed’s party and his network, his volunteers have not been seen in action.

The welfare organization has also posted videos of its volunteers getting involved in rescue efforts, saving lives while putting their lives in danger to rescue trapped flood affectees.