Jennifer Lopez deleted the entire data of Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez deleted the entire data related to Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez made it obvious and public through her recent vivid tweets and posts on Instagram, that she deleted the entire data which was related to her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez.

The couple was once in an intimate relationship, which didn’t last long. However, Jennifer is currently dating Ben Affleck. Following this rekindled relationship, Jennifer made it clear that she has nothing with her ex-fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez deleted the entire data of Alex Rodriguez

Living in a post-modern world, not just technology but people too are Prudential and intellectual. Followers probe each of your acts and post. They frequently visit their favorite celebrities’ social accounts in order to update their knowledge.

Additionally, the same has happened with this ceased couple, as followers have spotted that the Hustlers star removed snaps she shared with Alex Rodriguez. Further, even the followers probed out that Jennifer deleted shots which they both had taken with president Joe Biden amid the inauguration ceremony. There Jennifer also performed”This Land is Your Land”.

Astonishingly, Jennifer decided to unfollow Alex Rodriguez on Instagram. It’s totally bewildering. How did their hearts feel with severe hate? Deep loving passions turned into hate.

This all happened after she rekindled her intimacy with Ben Affleck. Following their rejuvenating relationship, she ceased her every inch with Alex Rodriguez.

The couple has reawakened their relationship and shares expensive gifts. Sources claim, that both live in an expensive apartment which is almost in million dollars. So, She doesn’t need Alex anymore and has deleted the entire data.

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