Justin Bieber postponed his world tour for health reasons

Justin Bieber postponed his world tour for health reasons

Justin Bieber to resume world tour after health scare ahead of Dubai show this year Canadian superstar Justin Bieber is all set to resume his “Justice World Tour” at the end of this month, after postponing it when he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome last month.

The world tour, which will bring the star to Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on Oct. 8 and 9, will resume at Lucca Summer Festival, Italy on July 31.

Bieber will then set off across a run of European festivals, and continue on his international world tour with performances in South America, South Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, then back to Europe in 2023.

The multi-Grammy winner revealed on social media in mid-June that a rare disorder paralyzed half his face and affected nerves through a shingles outbreak.

How much money did Justin Bieber make for his My World tour?

Considering that most tour legs stretch for days on end, Bieber brings in an eight-figure revenue during each tour. His debut tour, My World, brought in an estimated $53 million, per The Guardian—and it gets even better than that.

Is filming allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Traditionally, Saudi Arabia has been slow in granting permits. Different permits may be required for shooting in cities, in the desert, in national parks, and on public roads. But that is improving.

Thomas Ovesen, the owner of T.O.P Entertainment and the outfit responsible for bringing the show to Dubai, previously said in a statement, “Having Justin back for what will be his third visit and fourth performance in the city is so exciting, both for his fans and for me personally.

The UAE hasn’t seen shows of this size and scale since pre-pandemic and I can guarantee everyone is in for a real treat – the production is world-class and there is no doubt Justin is at the very top of his game right now.”

On Sunday night, Justin Bieber performed to a packed crowd in the Red Sea city of Jiddah in Saudi Arabia, singing some of his most popular hits. The concert took place even as human rights campaigners and activists called on Bieber to cancel his performance to protest the kingdom’s arrests and crackdown of critics.

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