Selena Gomez quit music industry

Justin Bieber supports Salena Gomez in her career

Selena Gomez (an American singer) is all set to switch her career from music to acting. The American singer who has done a lot for the music industry has turned her mind to the theatre.

Following her album ‘Rare’, Selena is facing severe criticism. This might be one of the reasons due to which she opted for acting as a career. But according to Selena it was her best album so far and did not get such an outcome that she wanted.

Selena further added, ” It’s hard to keep doing music when people don’t necessarily take you seriously, I’ve had moments where I’ve been like. What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this? ‘Lose you to love me’ I felt was the best song I have ever released, and for some people, it still wasn’t enough.”

Keep in view that Selena Gomez commenced her career by appearing on the children’s television Barney and Friends. So it was acting that made her famous and not music. In fact, it might be new news for some of the people as they would think of Selena as a singer. Further, in her teens, she appeared in the Disney Channel television series and managed her role as Alex Russo.

This clarifies that switching her career won’t disturb her success. She is a veteran in both singing and acting. In addition to this, Twitter was filled with love and one of the fans tweeted ‘Selena Gomez returning to acting is what 2021 needed’. Several fans have shared their deep love for Selena.

Music industry has turned the two lives into good elements

Consider the news that not fans but almost everyone who has been a part of Selena’s life is waiting for Selena’s upcoming series, including Justin Bieber.

As per sources, “Though Selena has kept herself away, Justin has started contacting her again. He is trying to make access once again. He doesn’t believe he should be cut off from those people he was closet to in his life and he doesn’t believe talking is cheating”

Justin Bieber is on good terms with Hayley, as the recent birthday post portrays. He has posted some remarkable romantic words for Hayley and wants to get older with Hayley.

Being in contact with Selena would not mean that Justin is paving the path to their relationship but it’s only for friendship. Justin wants to ‘Binge-watch’ Selena’s new series. In fact, Justin is going to experience Selena’s hidden skills.

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