Man who burnt $2million for heat

In this list of world’s most richest persons one name was not able to make a place in this iconic list and the name of that person was Pablo Escobar. He was a drug supplier in 1990s and was a king of several crimes in this world.
No doubt because of him many peoples live ruined and all his earnings were unofficial and black money but this money made him very rich.


In 1992 Pablo owned $30 billion, after sultan of Ronai he was the second richest person, had he been alive today his money worth would have been $62 billion and would have listed 8th position in the richest person’s list. His drug supplying network was so powerful that it supplied drugs to almost 90% of USA.

Personal island

This supply network was operated from an Island in Bahamas and was considered headquarter of Pablo Escobar. On this Island an Airport was built where planes used to land for refueling but its main purpose was to drop containers full of drugs on this island and to dodge the investigating authorities. After transferring the containers to the island these drugs were transferred to smaller jets and then distributed among all of the USA’s major cities and this process was repeated 5 to 6 times a day for 16 years.

Report of investigating agencies

According to a report issued by the US investigating agencies Pablo was selling 15000 kg of drugs daily thus making it 0.54 million kg of drugs every year and giving him a profit of $378 billion per year.

Cash storage

As all his money was illegal Pablo was aware of the fact that he will not be able to secured his money in any bank of USA he decided to make packets of hard cash and store it secretly in his Island

Cash for heat
In 1993 Pablo was killed in a police encounter, later on his son revealed in an interview some shocking stories about his late father, he said that as his father was always on the Run from US police once he was hiding with his family members in the mountains of medlen, his younger daughter was feeling cold so Pablo had no other way to produce heat thus lighting $2million hard cash on fire for heating process.