Rafael Nadal will not play in US Open tournament

Rafael Nadal stops participating in the US Open tournament

One of the star players, Rafael Nadal, will not be part of the US Open tournament due to a foot injury. For tennis nerds, it’s going to be a dull event. Because Rafael has his own way of entertaining the viewers and fans.

Moreover, the injury restraint Nadal from participating in the event. However, the 20-time Grand slam winner is going to miss the US Open tournament.

Sadly, some other prominent athletes; Dominic Thiem and Roger Federer will also miss the US Open tournament this year. Now, it’s something painful for the fans and viewers. Because all these three are the backbones of the game. Just like Messi and Ronaldo on the soccer field.

Nadal posted on Instagram, “To be genuine and fair, I am struggling hard with my foot. It’s been on the year I am in severe trauma. owning to this I need to take rest and work on my health”

Rafael Nadal will miss US Open tournment

Furthermore, Rafael Nadal added, “The decision is wise and has come out of complete appeasement. I have discussed it with family members and the team. I think it’s the only way to get better soon. Hopefully, I will come back stronger”

The tournament will start on Monday, 30 August. But sadly, Thiem will not be a part of it because of a wrist injury. Moreover, one of the leading tennis stars Federer has also ceased his season owning to knee surgery.

Considerably, Back in July, Federer continued his journey amid French open. Though he didn’t make access to the final and confront defeat while competing Novak Djokovic. It means Federer was struggling with his foot injury and didn’t cease his tournament journey.

Hence, it’s obvious, if he continues his journey by taking part in the US Open this can lead him to a severe injury. A slight rest can make him fit for the forthcoming games.

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