Restaurants with views of the Burj Khalifa began to book tables at 5,500 dirhams per person

Restaurants with views of the Burj Khalifa began to book tables at 5,500 dirhams per person

Dubai News: Restaurants with views of the Burj Khalifa began to book tables at 5,500 dirhams per person. Table bookings for New Year’s Eve at the restaurant in Dubai, a well-known state in the United Arab Emirates, reached thousands of dirhams. They started offering table bookings at prices ranging from 5,500 dirhams per person

According to the Gulf Times, at midnight on December 31, 2021, Dubai’s Downtown Burj Khalifa will be lit up with spectacular fireworks, along with a laser show ‘Eve of Wonder’ on the Dubai Fountain. Tourists and residents rush to book last-minute restaurants in the residential area to watch the festivities.

That’s why restaurants overlooking the Burj Khalifa at Dubai Mall and Souq Al-Bahar are offering table bookings on New Year’s Eve at prices ranging from 1,500 dirhams to 5,500 dirhams per person, restaurant managers confirm that most outdoor tables are Already booked, only a few are still available. This year, the Fountain Area at Dubai Mall will be open only to restaurant guests who have access to the QR code from the ‘You from Emaar’ app to access this feature. Reservations must be made and QR codes must be downloaded.

Gunaydin Dubai in Souq Al Bihar is reportedly offering outdoor tables with views of the Burj Khalifa, packages ranging from 4,500 dirhams to 5,500 dirhams per person with only a few tables available, tables with partial views ranging from 2,500. Up to 5000 dirhams.

Similarly, the Abdul Wahab Restaurant, which overlooks the Burj Khalifa, with a view of the tallest building in the world, has an outdoor seating total of 4,000 dirhams per person, with some tables reaching 4,500 dirhams per person. While indoor reservations cost 2,500 dirhams per person, restaurants in the Dubai Mall have been extended to restaurants outside Fountain View to give customers a unique New Year’s experience. Stepping on the outdoor terrace to view the fountain will be prohibited.

It is learned that the multinational coffee shop based in Canada offers one of the highest prices for tables through fountains, which cost 3,000 dirhams per person, while open-air terrace tables are offered at 2,500 dirhams. Outdoor fountain tables in Wafi Gourmet cost 2,500 dirhams per person, while the middle open roof costs 1,800 dirhams per person and indoor booking is 1,300 dirhams per person where tables will accommodate a maximum of four people.

Similar prices are offered at the Bosporus Dubai Mall as 15 fountain tables outside cost 2,500 dirhams per person and an open-air terrace 1,800 dirhams. PF Chang’s Dubai Mall Fountain Tables, priced at 1,500 dirhams, are fully booked, with only a few sets of menus available on the outdoor terrace for 1,100 dirhams. In fact, 2022 drives more attention of sudden diversity in pricing on meals.

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