Russian actress Yulia Peresild

Russian actress will leave for the space station

A movie which portrays the ups and downs of our emotions. Soon it is going to be the part our emotions. In the entertainment world up to a great extent the filmmakers execute all possible efforts to meet the profound insight of the spectators. A story which adheres with the satisfaction of viewers. As a matter of depicting the actual scene performed in the movies is to find the mutual benefits. A Russian actress will play a role in international Space station.

A mission in the space station

In fact, same in the case the highbrows read out the varaious minds and observe its pros and cons to determine a scene in the shape of movie while strengthening their living dreams. Recently Russia’s space agency Ross Cosmos is sending Yulia Presled Russian actress to the International Space Station next month to shoot the film. Russia’s film mission will begin on October 5th.

According to the AFP news agency, the 36-year-old Russian actress, referring to the shooting of the film in space, said that now is the time to scare. “If you are afraid of wolves, you should not go to the forest. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Following Russia, the American film industry Hollywood is also preparing for a similar film project. Howsoever, Russia is trying to complete its film project before the United States. The film’s 38-year-old director Klim Shenko Along with the actress. Moreover, the film’s 38-year-old director Klim Shenko is also going to be the part of International Space Station.

In fact, Russia announced a 12-days space mission in September last year. Russia’s film mission will begin in the 1st week of October.

The film’s director, Klim Shipenko, says That it will be a very dramatic film. In which a doctor goes to the International Space Station to save the life of an astronaut.

Furthermore, he said Russian mission commanders and astronauts on the International Space Station would also be the part in the film.

The actress said that she was finding it difficult to prepare her make-up kit for the space mission. As she was not allowed to wear lip glass and could only carry certain types of plastic items.

Interestingly the woman shopkeeper did not understand. What I wanted but Then I explained to her that I needed a make-up bag to take me into space. The film director said that he is very excited about the food found on the space station which includes Caucasian food as well as traditional beetroot soup.

The director further said that the movie is a bit precarious as it would have a great impact on the audience’s emotions. He further added that film actually portrays the close terms amongst human beings. As every human being plays a vitol role in making the good and bad society. He further added that regardless of all benefits we are to change the bad mind with our constructive missions.

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