Safest travel all over the world

In this modern age as we all are aware of the fact that almost 70% of the people prefer to travel by air then other services available such as busses, rent a car etc.
Airplane have very low fatality rate globally as compared to the other services, according to a research data accident or emergencies situation in planes is almost 98% less than other services.


Structure and design of place are almost the same, there may be some aspects that will be different such as the air speed and weight pressure but the Physics of flight in all the planes are the same. Larger planes have more safety measures such as they manage their Planes control level according to the capacity and weight of the plane, however this does not mean that smaller planes are unsafe because this variable very according to the level of emergency.


Emergency in Mountain area will have high Facility rate as was in the case in margala hills the mountain area in Pakistan where all the passengers and crew members were found dead. Emergency landing in Ocean is also very dangerous because plane will land having its nose upfront making it extremely tough for the passengers


Also called airplane drivers(pilots)they are highly expert in handling emergency situations and will try their best to make sure the safety of their plane and passengers, in case of emergency landing the airplane driver’s look for open Grounds and plane field areas to land thus getting closer to a normal landing. At the time of emergency or crash landing pilots are the last hope of all the passengers and crew members.


As mentioned previously accidents and Fatality rate depend on the emergency situation, however the crashes investigated previously give us an idea of the safer area of the airplane seats.


In 1989 flight 232 had an emergency situation and unfortunately it ended up crashing Sioux city(USA) where data shows that fertility rate was 28% in the back seats where as 44% of fertility was in the front and Middle seats. This data indicates that at the time of booking our flight we shall prefer the rare seats if available. This is also acceptable to human mind because in crash landing the first impact will be on the front seats and secondly exit is much easy to access for the passengers seated in the back seat at the time of emergency.