Saudi Prices to elevate the existence of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prices to elevate the existence of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Crown Prince’s Secret Plans for a Futuristic Skyscraper Reveal Unbelievable Features. Neom is a futuristic city-state being built in the Tabuk province of northwestern Saudi Arabia, aiming to become a uniquely luxurious, green destination for international tourists.

One of its components is The Line, a city with no cars and highways, running along a 105-mile (170 km) area. This city’s central piece will apparently be a jaw-dropping building complex called the Mirror Line.

The Mirror Line will be comprised of two eight-sided mirrored buildings, each 1,600-foot (488 meters) tall, running parallel for 75 miles (121 km). This would make them the tallest buildings in the world. But that’s just one of their jaw-dropping features. The two would be connected by walkways, but underneath them, there would be a high-speed train operating regularly, as well as a yacht marina, according to The Mirror.

Since it’s part of a zero-carbon community, the Mirror Line would also be green and sustainable, boasting integrated vertical farming for its residents. It would also become a spectacular place for entertainment, with a sports stadium showing off at 1,000 feet (304 meters) above the ground. The Saudi government will also be housed in a dedicated complex inside the buildings, according to the alleged plans.

These futuristic skyscrapers, estimated at $1 trillion, would connect the Line with Neom’s luxurious mountain resort, called Trojena. Both The Line and Trojena are currently in build, but the Mirror skyscrapers have remained secretive until now. Allegedly, the Crown Prince wanted to have them ready by the end of this decade, but engineers estimate that this project would actually require 50 years to be completed, according to The Mirror.

Unfolding over 10,000 square miles, Neom is meant to become a 100% sustainable city-state that would be both a high-end tourist attraction and a high-tech industrial hub.

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  1. Que gran proyecto,realmente sera sorprendente la construcción de esta ciudad futurista.

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