Saudi’s assistance in the evacuation of Sudan is appreciated by Afghanistan

KABUL: After the first group of Afghan evacuees arrived in Jeddah on Friday, the chief spokesperson of the Taliban government told Arab News that Afghanistan is appreciative of Saudi Arabia’s assistance in evacuating its citizens from Sudan.

When combat broke out between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces on April 15, at least 120 Afghan people were detained in Sudan, according to the Kabul Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since then, despite a ceasefire that went into effect on Monday and was later extended through Sunday, more than 500 people have died and at least 4,200 have been injured in fighting.

Major airports have turned into battlefields, forcing the evacuation of foreign nationals by land to Saudi Arabia and by water to neighboring Egypt.

The almost 2,800 persons taken to safety by Saudi forces, who are leading rescue efforts, included Afghan evacuees who came from Port Sudan to Jeddah on Thursday.

Statement of Afghan Ministry

In a statement, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its “deep gratitude” to Saudi Arabia for its help. Zabihullah Mujahid, the head of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, noted that this was not the first time the country had provided crucial aid to the country.

“The Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has battled mightily to free certain Afghans who are imprisoned in Sudan. The safe evacuation of the remaining Afghans is also being worked on with Saudi Arabia’s coordination, according to Mujahid for Arab News.

Afghans have always had the assistance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia always been on top of helping Muslim e Umma. Saudi Arabia never let any stone unturned assisting the victims Specially Muslim countries. This time once again it has proven its compact capabilities of uplifting the the grim prospect of Sudan.
The compacts negotiation of Saudi Arabia will promote vital sustainability in the region of Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia is the real ambassador of all stricken afflicted countries. It’s enormously reconciliated the affliction of opponents amongst aggression.

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  1. La guerra trae tristezas y dolor y lo mas triste gente inocente paga la culpa del malo. Gracias al gobierno de Arabia Saudita por ayudar a los inocentes pobladores de Afganistan.

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