Sega Entertainment

Sega and Microsoft to develop huge budget video games

The Japanese entertainment company Sega announced to form a strategic alliance with Microsoft, maker of Xbox. Both the companies decided to develop high-budget video games on the US giant Azure cloud platform.

According to the company’s official, ”The strategic alliance is part of Sega’s long term “Super Game” project to develop games with huge budget international ambition.” Sega is the developer of the highly famed “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.

The Japanese game developer company said in a statement that since the world is now more connected than ever before and the introduction of 5G and cloud services in recent times, users can now enjoy high-quality entertainment services and content any time.

The intend of the company to form an alliance with Microsoft will accelerate and optimize development processes and will bring high-quality experiences to Azure cloud technology users.

Titles developed by Sega especially for Azure servers will appear on Xbox Game Pass in the near future. Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that provides its users the opportunity to access a large number of games through the Xbox console.

Several games of the Japanese giant company including Yakuza are available on Xbox Game Pass. Others are available on Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s digital store.

Sega shares experienced a jumped of nearly six percent in Monday trade in Tokyo.