Selena's costar Aaron refutes their dating rumours

Selena Gomez’s costar Aaron Dominguez refutes their dating rumors

Selena Gomez’s costar Aaron Dominguez revealed the inside hidden story related to their meetup. The rumors, which were circulating turned futile as Aaron unveiled the authentic news. In one of his interviews, Aaron added that Selena coped with the rumors gracefully. She didn’t convolute the issue.

However, both Aaron and Selena were part of the same movie ‘Only Murders in the Building’. Aaron admired the costar for being so confident and bold. Aaron said, she coped with the fake reports about our dating.

Further, Aaron added, that Selena has gone through a lot. She is inured to impediments and can handle strenuous situations with ease. However, such arduous conditions cannot frighten her. That’s what, she has dealt with time and again.

Moreover, Aaron included, that Selena is still young. Owning to which she can proceed further. She has still a long path to go. But I am ignorant, that why is she suffering more apart of her numerous potentials.

Additionally, Aaron verbalized, Selena Gomez is a woman of strong nerves. She is truly accustomed to hurdles and pitfalls. She has handled the condition so well.

Considerably, as the year commenced, Gomez and Aaron were on the set of ‘Only Murders in the Building’. However, one of their photos related to the movie cascaded. Owing to this, the public created rumors about their date. Common folks assumed that they are in a secret relationship. However, it’s wrong.

In addition to that, Gomez had enunciated the Los Angeles times back in March, that I don’t care about dating someone. People think that I am young, and once I turn old, they won’t care. Henceforth, I am not interested in all such things. I don’t like it.


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