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Renata Flores

Renata Flores is a Peruvian artist who has a unique style and heritage. Her rise to fame started with a Quechua cover of Michael Jackson. Quechua is the most widely-spoken pre-Columbian language in South America, primarily by people in the Peruvian Andes. Renata helped make the Quechua language into mainstream music with her musical talents.

Renata Flores’ album is a testament that Peruvian culture and modernity can create beautiful music. Her album released last 2021, Isqun, showcases modern hip-hop and trap beats and the lyrical rhythm of Quechua. She makes her lyrics talk about her life and her people’s struggles.


Singer, songwriter, and producer A.Chal has one of the chillest hip hop and RnB beats in music as far as Peruvian musicians go. His musical flow is on the highest level, whether in English or Spanish. No wonder he has collaborated with some of the most famous names in music today, the likes of Jennifer Lopez,  2 Chainz, and TY Dollar Sign.     

Mayra Goñi

Mayra Goñi is a talented singer with a beautiful rhythmic voice. Her album, Parece Amor, is a lovely compilation of Peruvian music only Mayra can make you sing along to. It’s one of those albums that you’d love to sing over and over and share with all your friends.

Her career has shifted more to acting, but we don’t mind waiting for another album for her to release.

Mia Mont

Mia Mont is another famous Peruvian artist. Her album Antifantasia is a beautiful creation of Spanish pop rock, loved worldwide. Her songs are Romantic, heartfelt, and empowering. “Looking” is her second hit single, part of the top 10 on MTV Latin America during its time. Her album is a must-listen-to for lovers of modern Spanish music, as it has the elements of both Latin American and Western music. 

Daniella Darcourt

Daniella Darcourt is one of the most talented Peruvian musicians. Considered a World Music Singer, she has brought to the world stage the soulful rhythms of Peru. Her songs carry Salsa music’s beautiful, body-moving melodies accompanied by her sultry voice. Her songs are a treasure as her performance embodies the beauty of Peruvian music.


Emilio Jaime

Peruvian model and reality star Emilio Jaime has branched out to become a singer. This rising star started his music career around 2018, with his early song “Nuestro Final” gaining popularity. He continues to rise, releasing his first album, EMIL, last 2021, and La Causa in early 2022. His music is an excellent combination of modern Spanish music, with a bit of reggaeton. It’s catchy and brings any party to life.

Isabela Merced

Another Peruvian celebrity making her way to the music scene is Isabela Merced. Also known as Isabela Moner, she stars in several Hollywood films (Transformers: The Last Knight, Sicario: Day of the Soldado) and TV shows, which some have her sing. But her rise to being a music artist started in 2019 with her hit single “PAPI”, following another EP in May 2020. In the same year, she was named one of Billboard’s top 15 new Peruvian artists to listen to in July 2020. 


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