Simon's withdrawal and its impact

Simon Biles sets about significant interest in mental health

Simon’s mental health causes concern for every intity

Simon Byles’ return from Olympic gymnastics events sparked significant public interest in mental health, according to Newsweek’s exclusive figures.

Why it matters: The Tokyo Games provide the ultimate platform for the subject to gain global attention, with much of the world watching the same story.

Simon Biles cries after her stunning performance

The prominent topic of the day

Biles sparked a major debate about mental health, either Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interviews with opera or Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open – both of which generated significant international interest.

In terms of numbers: In the week following Biles’ withdrawal from the team event, stories about gymnasts and mental health generated more than 2 million social media interactions from Meghan and Harry in the coming days.

The day saw a surge in Google searches for mental health, reaching its highest level in more than two months. The intensity of coverage around mental health has risen with major events over the years.

The figures reach beyond expectation

There were more than 9,000 plus stories on bile and mental health last week. Almost double the coverage of Osaka two months ago, and four times the mental health angle with the Royals.

Between the lines: Biles, Osaka, and Merkel all referred to the burden of expectations as the most sought-after stars.

Boilers’ anxiety was exacerbated by an issue of “toasts,” which gymnasts acknowledge as a loss of their ability to find themselves while in the air, and react while being trained.

This trend not only means that they can’t perform well, but that they risk themselves if they perform at all.
Each incident involved black women who suffered a major public shock after their moments.