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Thailand lottery forecast and result 1st April 2022

Thai Lottery organized and managed by the (GLO). The Government lottery office is under the administration of Thailand’s Government. The GLO of itself prints and sell the tickets to wholesalers. In Thailand, they have only legalized forms of gambling allowed only i-e (Thai Lottery & Horse Racing).

The laws strictly prohibit all other bettings. The Government Uses 28% of lottery profits for state affairs and uses. Approximately 67 million people of different ages groups are played the Government lottery. These people were spending 76 million baths (US 2.3 billion) in 2014.

Thailand Lottery Old Results Chart Sheet 2021: has a huge collection of the previous and new results of Thailand lottos. The Lottery lovers check the old lottery results for buying the next draw tickets. We also share a variety of lotteries hot formula tips, thai lottery 4pc 1st, 2nd,  last papers &  magazines and cut 100% sure digits.

Thai Lottery Result Today Live 01 April 2022 (ผลสลากกินแบ่งรัฐบาล 1st April 2565). Thai Lottery is the official national Lottery in Thailand. The Thai Lotto is very popular in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Pakistan. It is administered by the Government lottery office (GLO). The Lottery is drawn on every month’s first (1st) and the sixteenth (16th). In Thailand, only two forms of legalized gambling permitted by Thailand’s Government these two legalized gambling are listed below.

The Thai Government abolished the draftee tax, levied on Thai males who wished to forego mandatory services due to this act, the Government income shortfall. In 1934 the Government decided to start a lottery drawn to generate funds to cover the revenue shortfall.

Finally, the drawing was executed by the revenue department. The lottery process was also introduced to the provinces in the same year to finance the regional municipality operations.

The finance department established the first lottery board on 5 April 1939, which is now held as the founding date of the Government lottery office. After the establishment of the Lottery based in 1939, the control of the lottery operation was transferred.

Now-e-days the Government lottery office publishes 15 million tickets for each draw. For the promotion of the sport, it also issued two million tickets, and for other charity organizations, it issued seven million lottery tickets in the same draw.

The Government lottery office operated the most up-to-date large-scale printing press. The Lottery office prints ticket itself for each draw and handles printing jobs for other Government agencies. Thailand’s Lottery is the big source of revenue collection for the Government each year.

The lottery office transfers over 4000 million baht to the Government treasury. It also provides 440 scholarships of 20,000 baht for undergraduates and distributes eight million baht a year to various charities. In addition, the lottery office also distributes about 20 million baht a year for the welfare fund, civil services, and military personnel.

The result of Thailand Lotto:

In Thailand, only two types of gambling allowed are horse racing and the other is a Thailand lottery Down. The Government strictly forbids all other forms of playing. However, the people of Thailand are very fond of being gamblers themselves. So due to this reason, the Lottery is taken very seriously in Thailand.

คล็ดลับหวยวีไอพีประเทศไทย (01/04/2565) Lottery Tickets:

It is very important for playing and winning a lottery from the buying of tickets. At the fine of buying tickets, everybody selects lottery numbers very carefully and tests their fortune. But unfortunately, most people fail since a single lottery can only produce a few winners.

As you can see, only one kind of Lottery has been used for a long time in Thailand. It is still paper-printed material-based. In Thailand, you will have to get lottery tickets from agents who receive these tickets from retailers. The retailers sold the lottery tickets to the general public.

The numbers of the tickets were also printed on it. So if you want to get a specific or unique number, You will need to find somebody selling this number. In the future, projects of the government lottery office include a plan to computerize lottery services.

The government lottery office shifted

. When the computerized system fully operated, the customers bought lottery tickets online and got their winning prize payment by the commercial bank’s country worldwide network of automated teller machines (ATM). 

The price of the lottery ticket is 40 baht. The lottery parcel contains two tickets, so the price of the lottery ticket is about 80 baht. Every ticket has a single six-digit number. During the live draws, a lot of numbers are drawn all time as they will have to draw all of the numbers according to the number of prizes stated, and the amount of this Lottery.

Usually, lottery tickets are drawn twice a month, the 1st day of the month and the 16th date of the month.

Tips and Tricks:

Winning the Lottery is indeed just a game of luck, but some experts think that winning the Lottery is an art of strategies and planning to select lucky numbers on tickets. Therefore, we provide some valuable tips and tricks shared by our experts to increase your chances of winning the Thai Lottery. Legitimate tips to get the most out of lottery tickets are helpful. There is no doubt that everyone is very concerned about the lottery business.

Tips will also guide you to make a final decision when choosing lottery numbers. People usually choose or try to buy lucky numbers and stick to them for a long time. This is not a good decision. A well-researched number can make you a billionaire, and a number bought on estimates can cost you your money.

First of all, you have to stick to the game. Too often, people drop out of the game after a series of repeated failures that reduce their chances of winning at some point in their lives. However, if you stick to Thai Lotto, you will offer yourself small prizes or jackpots in the long run. The secret lies in success and determination.

Be wise in choosing numbers:

Most people usually choose numbers based on symbolic numbers such as Age, Birth Dates, Marriages. Often we want to predict lucky numbers in different ways. But that’s a terrible idea. Doing so actually limits your chances of winning the Lottery, as it will tie you to a specific number from 01 to 21. So, don’t do that. It is always best to choose your lottery number wisely. This can increase the chances of a lottery.

Be determined and patient:

Engagement is always the key to success. It would help if you never gave up hope but kept trying. Because the Thai Lottery 3up is so easy to play and the numbers are drawn so often, you should not stop playing after a while. You can also win regular prizes or jackpots if you continue.

There are many examples of winning the jackpot in Thai Lotto! another important tip that lottery players should keep in mind is to track down failed lottery numbers. After a while, such numbers have a higher chance of winning the prize for the player.

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Thailand lottery forecast and result 1st April 2022

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