Thailand lottery result will be announced tomorrow

Thailand lottery result will be announced tomorrow

In Thailand, only two types of gambling are legalized. The first one is horse racing, which occurs in Bangkok, and the second one is the Thai Lottery. That’s why it is considered a reliable lottery in Thailand. The Thai Lottery has a payout ratio of 60% and has a great chance of winning for the people.

GLO is an official member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the Asia-Pacific Lottery Association (APLA). The secretary of the Family Network Foundation, Wanchai Boonpracha, said that out of 67 million Thais, 19.2 million played the Thailand lottery in 2014 by spending 76 billion baht (which is equal to 2.3 billion US dollars) on buying the Thailand lottery tickets. It is also reported that the annual budget of the Government Lottery Office (GLO) is about 8 million baht. The Government Lottery Office uses 28% of the Thailand Lottery profit for the state for different projects.

How we check and Download Thai Lottery Result

There are many sites and ways to check Thai Lottery results

The first and easiest way is to watch the results of the Thailand Lottery live on TV.

If someone didn’t catch the broadcast in time, then some other methods are also available.

Previous results are also present on

If someone wants to check some old results of the Thailand Lottery, then it is helpful for the person.

Moreover, different authentic websites are also present on the Internet where you can check the results of the Thailand Lottery.

They gave you an option to be notified by them as soon as the new result of the lottery is uploaded.

In some cases, you may get a notification of the result via email.

To get the exact and trustable Thailand Lottery results chart, a person should go through at least two websites.

Many apps are also present that show the results of the Thai Lottery regularly, but some of the apps are not authentic.

So, if you are checking the Thai Lottery results from an App, you should first learn about the App’s authentication.

The most important thing is that you did not have to pay to check the Thai Lottery results from any website.

If any app or site first asks you to pay to check the results of the lottery, then quit it and search for a free website, as a bundle of free online websites is present where you can check the results of the Thai Lottery without paying for it.

  1. You can also download the results of the Thai lottery from these websites.

If a person wants to check an old Thai lottery result, then he shouldn’t be worried because the official website of the Government Lottery Office and different websites on the internet can show the old results as well.

  • There you just need to go to an authentic website.
  • Click on the old results button and then enter or search for the respective date of the old results of the Thai Lottery.
  • To check whether the results are authentic or not, go through two or more websites.

If you don’t want to do that, then simply visit the official website of the Government Lottery Office.

All the old results of the Thai lottery are present there.

The official website of GLO is mostly recommended as it is an authentic site for new as well as old results of the Thai Lottery.

So, it is easy for the regular players of the Thai Lottery to use this official site because it is an official and trustworthy site.

Thailand lottery

Methods of Buying Lottery Tickets

The price of the Thailand Lottery ticket is 80 baht. Many vendors sometimes sell tickets at high prices. So, buy the tickets carefully and don’t pay extra money to anyone. Thais are very much interested in the numbering game, so the Thai Lottery tickets whose numbers are considered unlucky have a remarkably low price, and the Thailand Lottery Tickets, which have Buddhist numbers over them, are considered luckier, and everyone wants to buy tickets with these special numbers.

Lottery Draw Timing

The Lottery Draw ceremony is broadcast live on TV in Thailand. The Thailand Lottery is drawn on the first and sixteenth of every month. The timing of broadcasting is different on different channels.

The National Broadcasting Services of Thailand and Spring News are the two platforms where the results of the Thailand Lottery are covered live.

Viewers can watch the draw ceremony of the Thailand Lottery Today on NBT at 15:00 and Spring News at 14:30.

  1. Along with television, these draws of the Thailand Lottery are simulcast on the radio also.
  2. You can also listen to the Radio Thailand Domestic Service for live draw results of the Thailand Lottery.
  3. In 2016, Thailand Lottery results today were also broadcast on Thairath TV at 14:00.

How to install the Thai Lottery Android App?

There are different apps from which you can check your Thailand lottery results. All the apps are not saved for later use, and sometimes Android phones don’t allow some third-party apps to operate. So, first of all, you should choose an app carefully. To install a Thailand lottery result app, follow the following steps.

  • Go to the Play Store app on the Google Play of your Android phone.
  • Search for a Thailand Lottery 2022 app you want to install on your phone.
  • After finding the Thailand Lottery app first, you should check the remarks of people below the app.
  • There you will come across the experiences of other people with this app.
  • If the experience of others seems good to you, then you may go further.

If the experience is not good, then you are advised to switch to another app as there are many reliable apps available for Thailand Lottery Results.

For installation, tap on the button readout as INSTALL.

Then the app will start installing on your Android phone.

After the installation is complete, you may open the app at any time on your mobile to check the Thai Lottery Results.

What are some Thai lottery tips?

There are many lottery-winning tips that have been introduced. People often follow these tips and sometimes it helps them to win the game, as it is again a matter of luck only. But everyone wants to win, so they try many ways and tips to win the game. Thai Lottery 3up, Thai Lottery 3d VIP tip, Thai Lottery 3up sure number, and many more, such as Thai Lottery 99.99 win tips and Thai Lottery 3up sure number, are included.

Before every lottery, these tips are given to people so that the chances of their winning can be determined. People like to use these tips. There are many sites available where you can check out these techniques. Many videos are present where you can visualize the whole process.

Thailand Lottery 3up and Magic Formula

The Thai Lotto Game is extremely popular in Thailand. The Papers Book is the Thai lottery’s first, second, and final magazine in Bangkok. People want to choose a lucky number for the upcoming draw. For this reason, they find or choose different lucky numbers.

Different websites offer various 3up and Magic Formula, 3d vip tip, 3up direct, vip total, and 3up sure number vip papers non miss. is a very famous and reliable source for the latest HTF tips. By exploring this site, Thai Lottery King lovers can easily predict the luckiest number for the coming draw.

the prediction for 1st number is 41-47