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Thailand lottery: Thailand lottery will conduct on 16 august 2021

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Galaxytechnospace is the only website that provides the best probable options for every upcoming newly conducted draw. Galaxytechnospace is the winner of three consecutive draws. The lotteries are a Thailand official draw which conducts every after 15 days. However, owing to Covid-19 it has been held off so many times.

The Director of thailand lottery

Today, the Director and Spokesperson of the Government Lottery Board, Mr. Thanaut Fonochai, revealed that no meeting of the Lottery Board has been scheduled for August 16, 2021, to consider the postponement of the official lottery draw, as published by social media. Work continues as usual, with lottery prizes being sold and issued for the period August 16, 2021. Lottery dealers usually sell lottery tickets. In addition, the prize draw will still be held on August 16, 2021, at the Government Lottery Office, Sanambin Nam, Province of Nonthaburi.

Thailand Lottery
If the Prize Money is 20,000 Baht Or Less the Prize Money Will be Paid in Cash. The Duty/ Tax Must be Paid Before Receiving the Prize in Full Amount.

Covid-19 and its impact on the draw

However, in the meantime, ask lottery recipients to sell. Be aware of the purchasing power of people in the area who receive lottery tickets for sale to avoid the risk of not being sold. Mr. Thanot said that at the same time, in a situation where the spread of the COVID-19 virus is widespread. Lottery office dealers and lottery buyers should be aware of the safety and cooperation to strictly follow the guidelines for preventing the COVID-19 epidemic. Always use an alcohol gel to wash your hands while wearing a mask. Or go shopping in crowded areas. At the same time, the process of publishing, issuing prizes, distributing lottery tickets was also strictly enforced through public health initiatives.

In addition, the lottery office in the process of issuing the award also follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The prize draw area and the prize draw area, and the number of operators in the equipment. Cleanses with disinfectant and alcohol. All staff, including the management of social distance venues, including award judges, must wear masks. And clean the alcohol gel as well as set temperature screening points for all participants.

The number ranges and prizes

If all the numbers are correct, you will get a reward of 2 million baht
If all your two-digit bonus numbers are correct, you will get a reward of 30 million baht
The six numbers on your ticket determine your fate. If your six numbers match the lottery. You need to check the back of your tickets to see if the price is 2 million or 3 million. One of the jumps There is an additional number, which can range from 0 to 99

If your ticket is a 2 million paying ticket and you also have a two-digit number match for the lottery. You will get 30 million on the ticket because you have two tickets and an additional 2 million for the other. That’s the way The car applies to 3 million tickets. If you have an extra number match, you will get an additional 20 million baht for this ticket. Regardless of the type of ticket, if you do not have only one number example in any direction. You will win a prize of fifty thousand baht consolation. Since you have two identical tickets. You get two prizes of fifty thousand baht Will Only six-digit numbers are used in the rest of the lottery, and the prizes are as follows.

Second Prizes

Second Prize =If your six-digit number matches any of the “5 new 6-digit numbers. You will receive a reward of 100,000 baht per ticket.
Third Prize = If your six-digit number matches any of the 10 new 6-digit numbers. You will receive a reward of 40,000 baht per ticket.
Fourth prize = If your six-digit number matches any of the “50 new 6-digit numbers. You will receive a reward of 20,000 baht per ticket.

New Draw 16 August 2021

Open (1-0-3)



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