The five astute beggars in the word

The five astute beggars in the word

Have you ever imagined that the people who ask you to donate some money are richer than you and their monthly and yearly income is unimaginable? Today I will inform you about five beggars whose income and own property are way beyond your thoughts.


This 40-year-old beggar belongs to London and is a professional beggar, He asks for money on the roads of London and also does overtime on weekends. He is also accompanied by his dog near an ATM machine in London and this is his favorite place. His yearly income is 50,000 Simon lives in his personal flat in full hum and that flat costs nearly 300000 pounds.


This hundred-year-old lady was a beggar in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Eisha was blind and use to sit in an unchanged place for many years when people saw this blind old lady sitting alone they used to pay them money.

Eisha got seriously ill and decided to write a will and asked her friend to read it after she is no more, when She passed away will be read by her friend which shocked her. Eisha had 3000000 Saudi riyals and jewelry worth 800000 riyals.

Besides these she owned 4 buildings in AL BALAK (JEDAH) which costs millions of Saudi riyals, Eisha donated all her property to the homeless people whom she knows in Jeddah.

The five astute beggars in the word


This 97-year-old man lived in New York and was a newspaper seller

People purchased his newspaper mainly because of his old age and admired his efforts also, he was not a beggar since long much of his life was spent as a comedian and bringing smiles to the faces of his audience. Corey had a house that costs $300000 located in east midtown Manhatten.

He used to earn $200 daily and donated this amount to a welfare organization giving free medicines to people of Cuba, some of the amount was spent on purchasing newspapers, and use the earnings generated from these newspapers were used for his livelihood.


This personality is not known to anyone but he was a professional beggar and used to ask for money accompanied by his daughter, both were dressed very untidy.

Once an ordinary person passing by took a photo of this father and daughter and when he watched that picture back home and examined it closely he was Amaze to see that in the kitchen of Mercedes Benz was hanging down from his daughter’s dirty jacket which suggested that this beggar is also very rich.


This beggar lives in Lexington gantry a city in America. He is often seen in a wheelchair because he says that he cannot walk properly heat also cannot move his hands properly this assures people that Thomson is handicapped.

But guess what people don’t know that all these weaknesses are shown to the people deliberately. According to Gary Thompson, he earns $100000 yearly.