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The life-changing moment of SYLVESTER STALLONE

The early life of SYLVESTER STALLONE

This story reflects the life-changing moment of SYLVESTER STALLONE, a very well-known celebrity who is known to all of us by many familiar names (Rambo, Rocky ), etc.
In the early days of his career (1970) he went through many odds in his career and life. Filmmakers rejected him several times, making the excuse that you look funny and sound funny.
The hard comments and the continuous rejections broke his heart. He was so poor that he was compelled to steal his wife’s jewelry and sell it to fulfill his daily requirements. He even slept at a bus station for three days just because he had no money to pay for rent and the food.
But the worst day in his life was when he sold his Dog for $25 just because he was not able to give him food.
This was the time when he was broken and dishearted but the legend never lost hope in his dreams of becoming an actor and a superstar.

What exactly was the life-changing moment of SYLVESTER STALLONE

A boxing match between Mohammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975 changed his life, which he watched. This was the turning point of his life. This match provided him an inspiration to write a script for the movie named Rocky.
He wanted to sell the script to those studios that cast him as the lead character. One studio offered him $125000 but refused to cast him as a lead role. Stallone had a condition that he will play the lead role ROCKY which was denied several times by the studio because the company wanted a reputed name for this movie. The studio made another handsome of $250000, followed by a third offer, which was $350000. But the great actor was not in a mood to sacrifice his dream at any cost.
Finally, the studio has to accept his condition and offered him the lead role as Rocky. He received $35000 only for the script but had a chance to prove all the critics wrong…
The rest we all know that the movie ended up winning the Oscar award for the best picture, best director, and best film editing. and after that, there was no looking back for Stallone in his life till today.

   Sylvester stalone

What SYLVESTER STALLONE did with $35000?

After this life-changing moment of SYLVESTER STALLONE, guess what he did with $35000. Yes, you guessed it right. He immediately bought his loving dog, which he sold because of no money.


From the life of SYLVESTER STALLONE, we can extract that never give up. You never know what can be the life-changing moment of your life. Secondly, having a clear image of your goals helps you achieve them easily.

Finally, struggle and hard work bear their fruit. Hard work never go wasted.

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