The new “Little Mermaid” from Disney appears to be making fun of kate Middleton.

Mickey Mouse: Meghan’s Teammate?
A reviewer who witnessed an advance screening of Disney’s upcoming “The Little Mermaid” claims to a reputed news agency that it appears to poke fun at Kate Middleton and even dip a toe (or a fin?) into the Megxit controversy. According to the critic, the movie appears to make a number of subtly accurate similarities between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and the two main characters, Ariel (who is now Black in the new version) and Prince Eric (who is White), on the one hand, and the two of them on the other.
But one specific scenario seems to take things quite literally. “In order to reach the surface and meet Prince Eric, Ariel has given up her voice. He attempts to guess her name because she can’t speak, they said. His initial assumption is Diana. Catherine is his second guess, but after seeing Ariel’s repulsed reaction, he says, “OK, certainly not Catherine.

Nothing in the movie’s underlying logic, according to our cinematic snoop, can explain the mermaid’s strong reaction, and Disney would be lying if they suggested that the names chosen were coincidental. (It goes without saying that Prince Harry’s late mother was named Diana, and his sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales, also known as Kate Middleton, is named Catherine.
She recalls watching the beloved 1989 animated film during her difficult time in the UK following her 2018 wedding to Harry during “Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special” (Meghan and Harry). She falls in love with the prince and as a result loses her voice, I thought, “Oh my God,” Markle recalled.
Halle Bailey portrays Ariel in the recent fishy film, and Johan Hauer-King plays Prince Eric. This time, Ursula the evil is played by Melissa McCarthy.
Tuesday night, Markle was in dry land when she received recognition at the Ms. Foundation Gala in New York.

The film debuts on May 26.

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