Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Athletes are struggling with sweltering summer


a) Japan is coping with sweltering summer.
b) Athletes are in trouble while fighting hard in hot weather.
c) High-level of humidity in Japan is making Tokyo Olympics 2020 worse than ever.

Scorching sun and humidity made Tokyo Olympics 2020 difficult for athletes

The scorching July sun in Japan is getting difficult for athletes to carry on with the games. A fierce parching heat is turning lethal and could reach the high-rise value in the history of the Olympics.

Further, after the commencement of the games, the initial days were strenuous to cope with. Owning to sweltering Japan summer, athlete’s bodies failed to maintain the normal homeostatic state. A high level of humidity ranging from 66% to 84% became one of the causes of oven-like temperature.

Athletes struggling hard in Tokyo Olympics 2020 due to high temperature

Additionally, Makoto Yokohari while giving analysis through CNN added, ‘Temperature (about 90 Fahrenheit) cannot be the only reason in interpreting the participants but humidity too. I would add that this is going to be the worst temperature in the history of Olympics’

Moreover, The International Olympic committee earnestly said, ‘The health of athletes is our primary focus, we are providing facilities accordingly in order to manage the temperature.

Furthermore, It has been figured out that athletes are struggling in the sweltering summer. On Wednesday, one of the Russian tennis players Daniil Medvedev was fighting hard with temperature rather than her opponent.

Despite heat athletes are holding their nerves

In spite of oven-like heat, some of the athletes laid hold on their nerves and fought hard with sweltering heat. The committee restricted them not to continue but they refused and carried on their games. Later on, some of the athletes solemnly expressed their situations by adding words like, ‘we are about to die.

In a nutshell, heatwaves lead one to a hospital in no time. Yet athletes are enough brave by carrying on their hectic journey. Despite a break out of beads of sweat, none halted their struggle in order to reach the highest level of victory. Running, jumping, cycling under a scorching sun is not easy as kid’s stuff. It requires healthy mental health along with a strong physical appearance.

We are hopeful for good weather conditions in the upcoming games, so to make Tokyo Olympics 2020 easier for the players.

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