Vaccinating kids seem needless, says Matthew McConaughey

Vaccinating kids seem needless, says Matthew McConaughey

Vaccinating kids seem needless. Actor Matthew McConaughey doesn’t think that vaccine is mandatory for kids. He is against immunizing kids for COVID 19. However, interestingly, the actor himself is inoculated but doesn’t consider it beneficial for the kids.

While reporting to the FOX news, Matthew highlighted that vaccines are not for the kids and I think it won’t benefit them. Though, he said that he is not certain about the vaccine because he unveiled that I will do a search. Post-study I can make a firm claim.

Amazingly, he himself has received the COVID vaccine, unveiled by The New York Times. Besides, he uttered, I don’t suggest vaccine for the kinds. But on the other side, I am in search of information.

Additionally, last week, the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) declared that Pfizer-BioNTech can be used in emergency cases by children. Apart from this, Matthew is not in favor to recommend it.

Matthew added, that I am not against vaccine general but just its application on children. Generally, he himself is inoculated and he recommends it for all adults and men.

Moreover, he included, that I am vaccinated and my wife too. I didn’t do it on someone’s will but it was my personal step. I don’t think that it’s corrupt or harmful or anything else. There isn’t anything like this. Rather, he wants not to vaccinate his kids right now.

Matthew, who has won Oscar shared his personal views. Maybe he thinks that there isn’t that hype of COVID currently and things seem comfortable. Hence, that’s why it’s not that much beneficial for the kids. Anyhow, let’s see what he is going to reveal further.