The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) in the UAE has issued tips for residents about what to do if their WhatsApp account is hacked.

When Whatsapp gets hacked and one faces troubles

Telecommunication has now ceased the entire global. In this connection, one of the renowned messaging applications WhatsApp is now a part of our essential component. In fact, decently It has not only encourage our personal activities but up to large extent professional activities. However, with the passage of time, its protection has become indispensable. While the protection of personal data on the app was a major issue. Regrettably, now a series of reports of hacking WhatsApp has made it even more crucial. “A report in Al-Rajl magazine” has recently come to light that hackers blocked the accounts of more than two billion WhatsApp users around the world and steal their private data. However, this has led to a deep concern to protect oneself against such vicious circles.

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Technology experts have come up with some tips to prevent hacking, which will prevent hackers from stealing your personal data and damaging the contacts on your private account.
However, once you come to know that your account has come under attack from a hacker. Ultimately send a message to informing the Twitter app that your personal account put to block and do mention the phone number on your account in the email. immediately delete the application, download it, then try logging in again and repeat this process several times a day to confuse hackers.

People keep trying to log in to their accounts

Tell friends and family by text message or phone call that your account has been hacked and ask them not to reply to any messages from your hacked account. Digital media experts have on several occasions pointed out flaws in WhatsApp security. If you haven’t already, turn on WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature.

When a hacker tries to sneak in

Turn on the dual feature by entering your personal phone number in the data field of the application. If someone tries to hack the phone, the application will send you a six-digit code, so you can guess that someone Trying to hack and block your phone.
After the WhatsApp account is suspended, the app gives its users 30 days in which users can restore their files and media, after which this data is permanently deleted from the app’s backup.

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