True mystic

Who is a true Mystic?

A strong hidden bond between mystic humans and God

Rumi says “Drink all the passions and be a disgrace”
A true Mystic in a contemporary world may be a victim of criticism but for him, this criticism is his first step toward annihilation (fana).

Fana is the final stage for a mystic where he becomes able to make his existence non-existent.
Where he becomes free of any desire. He arrives at the point of Marifat (the knowledge of God).
His language becomes useless for him and silences meaningful. He realizes that we can’t do anything with our will but everything is done by the will of The Almighty.

A mystic can’t choose the way toward the union of God– but The Almighty directs his heart toward this path.

Tawba (repentance) is the first Maqam (stage) in Sufism.
Repentance (Tawba) means a withdrawal from committing sins and makes a firm promise that you will never repeat those sins again.
Tawba paves a way for a sinner to return to God.

It means a mystical journey can be started at any stage of your life.
Mysticism is husne Akhlaq (Good deeds), its followers are love, hope, peace, and devotion.


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