Who is Jeff Bezos..?

Born in 1964,Bezos mother was a minor when she give birth to his first child and married his father. Bezos father was beach Decent as his grand grandfather migrated to Chicago in the 19 hundred’s..


Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton unit University in 1986, he completed his education and got the degree in Electrical Engineering and computer science, he served as the President of Princeton students for the exploration and development of space.

Starting Career

After completing his education Bezos worked for several firms in Wall Street. In 1990 he joined DE Shawn company in New York and soon he became the youngest vice president of the company, He had many skills and was really praised in his company but he resigned after 4 years from his job.


Bezos met his wife in the De Shawn company, She was research officer in the same form from there they decided to marry a year later.


In July 1994 Jeff Bezos started his small business on his computer by selling books online from his garage, market analyst were initially skeptical about his success because this was a new idea and online shopping those days was not known to the customers or even to the whole world because it was a new and fresh idea of selling commodities. The company went public in 1997.

Expanding business

After years of hard work and struggle in January 1998 he decided to expand his business, with time Amazon decided to diversify its portfolio from books to CDs and videos and in 2002 to clothes. Amazon found a commercial search engine focusing on E-Commerce websites, he also launched an online Sporting good store that offered up to 3000 different brands used for different sports.

Becoming billionaire

Bezos was included in the list of world’s most richest person in 1999 with a net worth of 10 billion dollars, as of 2021 he was the second richest person on earth with a net worth of 205 billion dollars.

A dream to space

As he was involved in several business activities Jeff Bazof also had a dream to visit space and make its access easy for everyone. Following his dream he founded blue origin and narrow space company that is developing technology to offer space travelling to its customers,
In his graduation speech base or stock about his dream to visit space and planning to explore Technologies that will give visit to the interested customers to space, has it was a unique Idea and not many people had got about that many fellow friends smile when they heard about his dream but invention of blue origin was a step towards full filling his target to reach space.

Best in business

National retail Federation named Amazon as the top retailer of the year and awarded gold medal award to an individual who has served with distinction and passion.
Amazon.com recently is the world’s largest online marketing place.

Making new legacy

Bezos purchase the Washington post and other publications Eiffel created with the Washington Post company for Dollar 250 million cash marking the end of 4th generation of raim by the grand family.
Amazon developed virtual assistant Technology called Lexa, capable of voice interaction, controlling devices, performing virtual tasks, making to do lists and so on.His motivation for the speech recognition Technology was the Star Trek computer.


Bezos has been an active contributed to the society from providing scholarship to students, dealing with the American homelessness, He pledged in billion dollars to combat climate change through Bazos fund.

Road ahead

He is is currently the executive chairman of the Amazon group along with advancement in technology and computer expertise ranging from home robots to cashless stories, also focusing on battling climate change and nature conservation
HE SAYS,”work hard,have fun and make history”.