Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin registers 100 entries on Billboard and broke Drake’s record

a) Justin achieved a milestone by securing 100 entries on Billboard.
b) Drake had already the record.
c) Justin broke Drake’s record and registered his name being one of the youngest artists to achieve this feat.
d) Billboard declared the list of the artists who have achieved this target.

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber pulled off a remarkable masterstroke. This endeavor will be strenuous for the forthcoming vocalists to bring off.

Justin Bieber and Salena Gomez

Justin Bieber often comes under critical remarks because of his dead and buried relation with Selena Gomez. Relation between Salena and Justine have seen good day but now— Suffer the consequences.

Justin head the big time

Billboard declared, that the 27-year-old songster has set down a remarkable record by securing 100 songs on billboard’s 100 charts. At a very young age, he has become the apple of every eye.

Justin’s latest Kid LAROI collaboration track “stay” become the cause of his milestone and the track completed its 100 entries on the billboard.

The track was prompt to jump to the third position on Billboard and set an unbreakable record for the forthcoming artists.

Now onwards, singers will exhibit their professionalism and versatility in order to get hands-on breathtaking master stroke because Justin has planted an indestructible
track record.

Earlier, one of the Canadian songsters by the name of Drake had the milestone of securing 100 entries on the billboard. Drake was considering the youngest solo artist by securing most entries on Billboard. Justin stood firm on his performance and got hands-on Drake’s record at a younger age. Drake was 28 when he made this achievement, while Justin is 27.

Canada is so lucky by generating such inexpressible artists. Both Drake and Justin have made their country proud. In fact, the world would consider that Canada has given much to the entertainment world.

Following Billboard’s presentation of the lists of vocalists who secured triple-digit numbers. Drake leads the board by astonishing 235 entries.

Tylor swift 137, Chris Brown 103, and recently Justin Bieber 100 within s short span registered his phenomenal skills on Billboard.

The future is going to unfold with the upcoming veteran vocalists. who is going to be the luckiest and outstanding songster_ The world will wait unwaveringly.

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